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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pink Love necklace, RM25RM12.50 now, till 24/8/2009, visit Shiny Lovey!
Reviewed by My Sale Hunter

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sales On!!

Hi dears,

It's been awhile since i last update my blog. In order to bring in more new stocks, old stocks must be cleared out!! Therefore,Shiny Lovey is having a Massive Sales!!
50% Off for all accessories that are available below.
Sales is valid from 24th July-24th August!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Item Name: Vintage Butterfly Bracelet
Item Name: B324 Colorful Charm Bracelet
with Bells :)
Price: RM 20 Only
RM10 Now- 50%

Item Name: B123 Swirl Bracelet
Price: RM 18 Only
RM9 Now- 50%

Item Name: B 33 Lucky star Bracelet
Price: RM 16 Only
Green- Reserved
RM8 Now- 50%

item Name: B 11 Black Rock Bracelet
Price: RM 20 Only
RM10 Now-50%
Fully Reserved

Item Name: N10 Pink Light Bulb Bracelet
Price: RM 20 Only
RM10 Now-50%

Item name: N45 The awesome crown Necklace
Price: RM 20 Only
RM10 Now- 50%

Item Name: N 12 Pink love Necklace
Price: RM 25 Only
RM12.50 Now- 50%
FUlly reserved

Item Name: E 33 Diamond Brooch
1 color only
Price : RM 20 Only
RM10 Now-50%

Item name: Mini Ros Brooch
Color: pink, blue
Price: RM 10 Only
RM5 Now- 50%

Item Name: E1 English Flower Brooch
Color: yellow, cream white
Imported from Korea
Price: RM 30 Only
RM15 Now-50%

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For Brooch Lovers!!

Code: Ba1
Status: All Available
Type: Cute Diamond Brooch with gold color surrounded the brooch. Super High Quality.
Price: RM 38 each Only!
RM19 Now-50%

For Diamond Ring Lovers! Best of all, sizes are adjustable!

Code: R7
Status: Available
Type: Thick silver diamond ring. Good solid ring.
Size is adjustable.
Price: RM 46 Only!

Code: R8
Status: Available (1sold) 1 last pieces left.
Type: Leaf shape diamond ring. Size adjustable
RM30 NOW!!
RM15 Now-50%

Code: R9
Status: Available in Black& white
Fully diamond only(reserved).
Type: Square shape diamond rings. Size adjustable
RM28 only
RM14 Now-50%

Code: R10

Status: Available in dark grey(reserve) and blue ( sold) color. Size Adjustable.

Price: RM28 Only!!

RM14 Now-50%


Code: R11
Status : Available. Brown and Dark Grey color.
Type: Ribbon shape diamond ring. Size adjustable.
Price: RM 28 Only!!
RM14 Now-50%

Code: R12
Status: Available
Type: Heart shape diamond ring. Size adjustable
1 sold
1 reserved
Price: RM 30 Only!!
RM15 Now-50%
Fully Reserved

Code: R13
Status: Available (1sold) (1left)
Type: Small ring surrounded with diamonds
Price: RM28 Only!!
RM14 now- 50%

For Long Necklace Lovers!!

Code: Ja1
Status: Available
1 sold
Type: Butterfly necklace with crystal stone and diamond on it. A very unique piece.
Price: RM 40
RM20 Now-50%


Status: 2 Available


Monday, May 4, 2009

Status: Available
Type: Shiny Long Necklace in black color
Price: RM35 Only!!

Code: Ja3
Status: Available
Type. Long necklace. Big flower pendent. In white color only
Price: RM 30 Only!
RM15 Only-50%
All Sold

Code: Ja4

Status: Only 1 Available

Type: Imported item and only come in 1 piece. Real Silver.Middle length silver necklace with diamond details on it. Very elegant piece.

Price: RM 76 Only!
RM 38 Now- 50%